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days: 13

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Corporate website for an IT company that aims to work with a large number of clients. For the client, problems were solved with a large flow of the same type of requests and the presentation of the product in an accessible format.

Project details


The client

The client is a Ukrainian company that works with a new direction of electronic documentation in educational institutions. The client is faced with the task of interacting with users through contact forms and social networks, and also has a lot of the same type of questions and the need to answer at any time of the day.

The goal

The goal is to make a corporate website to optimize work processes, simplify communication between the client and the company, solve the problem of many similar questions and requests from clients.
Page: homepage
The main page contains the main information elements that explain to the client where he is and what he can find. The page has interactive elements of the “Device” type, columns, dynamic blocks with hidden information. The design follows the thematic style of the company, fully developed during the creation of the website.

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