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Project done in: 

days: 7

hours: 65

Website redesign for a construction company, with the creation of convenient customer contact forms, an extensive description of the services provided and a demonstration of completed projects. A complete reload of the visual and structural content to improve the presentation of the client on the Internet.

Project details


The client

The company is engaged in the construction of swimming pools in Spain. Has a lot of experience, but wants to develop and attract customers. There are various services that are competitive in the market in terms of quality of execution.

The goal

The goal is to create a new modern design that will be convenient for customers and will provide the necessary information about the services. Improve the user experience when visiting the site and facilitate communication with the company.


The main page contains basic information about the company, the direction of work, a small gallery and a contact form for communication. At the beginning of the page, the client sees a list of services and 2 buttons that call up contact forms, which allows you to quickly contact the company.
New desing
Main page # About Us
This page does not have a lot of content and displays the main things you need to work with MVPools – experience, a main destination with a small gallery and a contact form.
Main page # Services
A separate page for services includes a description of each of the company’s services. A short text with a description of the services and a button “Read more” has been added to the page, under which a large description of the service is hidden. Accordingly, after reading the information about the services, the client is invited to contact the company for cooperation.
Main page # Contacts
This page is just about the main thing – ways to contact the company. There are 2 contact forms on the page, which are selected via the switch for convenience. Contacts of social networks, mail and phones are clickable to make it easier for the client to contact.

The new website has everything we wanted! A convenient form of communication and a beautiful description of our services and work. The project was completed very quickly and with high quality.


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